Flavor of the Month

We now have new flavors in our Hometown Hero line! Lemon Blast is a Lemon Drop Candy flavor, Straw Melon is a Strawberry Watermelon Cupcake, and Apple Cream is an Apple Cream Custard. Oh yeah! Hurry in to try them all, you will not be disappointed.



New Product Alert!

The Smok Nord Pod System is a great starter vape unit. It has a 1100mah battery life and is internal with a micro USB charging cord. Replaceable pods and coils. The coils are designed for two types of vaping. The .6 coil is designed for a 15wt maximum output and the 1.4 coil is designed for vaping salt nics and the draw is less. The pod in this kit has a 3ml capacity. They are small and indiscrete. Whether you are a cloud chaser or just want a vape to fit you, come by and let us help you with our many choices.

In-house Pool Leagues now Forming in Branson West!

It is league time again! Woop! Woop! We are in the game again! Now playing at the Branson West location, subs are welcome! With the pasts leagues being so much fun we can't wait to see how this one turns out. Call 417-272-0141 with any questions you may have.

"Puff One" - Central Branson

This was the first store that was opened in May of 2013. The one that started it all. The true heartbeat of our company. This location breathes hospitality and friendly attitudes. Although it is the smallest of the stores you will find a large choice of affordable products and premium e-liquids. Click the link below to find this store and stop by today! We look forward to meeting you.

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"Puff Two" - Branson West

This is the second store that was opened in November of 2013. This is the store that took vaping to a whole new level! You will see the moment you walk in why it is the “WOW” of vape lounges. Here is where you can listen to your favorite music and play a game of pool, or join one of our in-house pool leagues. If playing pool is not your thing? How about darts? No? Take on a game of Miss Pac Man or pinball with Mario. Need a little break from our digital world?   Have a little friendly competition playing a game of chess, checkers or a game of cards. Feeling hungry? We got that covered too, with a full food and drink menu. There is truly no other place around that quite compares! Stop by and see for yourself!

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"Puff Three" - Downtown Branson

This is the third store that was opened May of 2015.  With Puff Smart each store offers a unique ambiance; the downtown store has a quaint and comfortable environment. It is here where you can enjoy the downtown feel of Branson and sit for a spell. If you want to just sit and relax this is the store for you. Stop in to see our Wellness Expert and learn about essential oils, CBD Hemp Oils, and our other lifestyle products. This little store breathes in compassion for all-natural wellness with the YSC line of CBD products. Puff Three is a must see for the true vape connoisseur. Stop by and enjoy yourself!

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Our Passion -

At Puff Smart you can always expect to be greeted and entertained by our fun and knowledgeable staff who will assist you in all of your vaping needs, from trying some of our premium juices to choosing hardware and accessories that are just right for you.

Puff Smart strives to bring cutting edge technology to our hometown. With new product arriving monthly, we're ready to keep you up to date on everything "Vapor".  Just Starting out? All of our stores are stocked with affordable "starter kits" as well as everything you need to customize your Puff-A-Licious experience. Once you're ready to upgrade, We'll be there to help build the best vape for your lifestyle. Our Staff is ready and eager to get to know you and your vaping needs! Mechanically inclined? There's a vape for that. Ask about our "hobbyist" options and we'll jump at the chance to set you on the right path. In the hobbyist realm you will be able to truly tailor your vapor experience to suit your every puffy whim.

Puff Smart also offers a wide variety of natural health and wellness products. From our CBD rich hemp oils to our essential e-liquids and lifestyle products, Puff Smart strives to bring the best to our community when it comes to the well being of mind and body!

With our staff's knowledge, dedication and personal experience, you're sure to leave feeling well informed and confident that you've made the best choice! Paired with our large selection of vapor and wellness products, there truly is no puffier a place to shop!


Curious about our wellness line?

Check out our wellness page to see how Puff Smart can get you started on a path to the natural well being of your mind and body!