Essential E-Liquids

Essential oils are one of natures greatest gifts to man kind and have been used for thousands of years. From cosmetic and dietary purposes to spiritual and religious reasons, essential oils are a great edition to your natural wellness choices. We've had a master chef infuse these oils into e-liquids to go right along with with your daily life.


CBD Rich Hemp Oils

Our CBD rich hemp oils are all from top quality hemp grown and processed in the UK by one of the top companies in the world and then shipped to California to be bottled into the product we know and love! Keep reading below to learn more about how CBD rich hemp oils might be right for you!


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Puff Smart strives to offer products for every type of lifestyle. We carry everything from fitness trackers to detox supplements and even %95 pure oxygen. So stop hesitating! Call or stop by today to see what we might have to offer. We're here and ready to help you get started on a path to a healthier you!

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CBD Rich Hemp Oils -

CBD is a natural constituent of industrial hemp oil. Studies are showing that CBD is effective in treating symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and other autoimmune diseases, chronic pain, migraines, diabetes, nausea, bowel disorders, and many other hard-to-control symptoms. CBD does not have any kind of a psychoactive effect and does not make you feel "high" or "stoned". This could make CBD appealing to patients whose medication leaves them with undesirable feelings due to side-effects. CBD is a wonderful alternative to medications you might be using for your day-to-day ailments. With no side-effects, no risk of overdose, no hangovers, and no pharmaceutical alteration or creation...what are you waiting for? Call or stop by where our knowledgeable team is ready to get you on the right track today!


Essential E-Liquids

Improve your physical well-being. Inspire a positive emotional state.

The most popular way of benifiting from essential oils is by inhaling them through aromatic diffusion...

We had one of the top chefs/juice artists in our area take the highest grade, food safe essential oils we could find and had him create a line of e-liquids. A line dedicated to improving your mind and body using the gifts nature has provided us with.

Our line includes six of what we chose to be the most needed essential oils for what we as people deal with on a day-to-day basis. We have a juniper oil to help with detoxification of the body. We also have a eucalyptus blend to help with respiratory and sinus trouble. Our valerian root and melatonin blend was created with those who suffer from long restless nights in mind. Maybe our sandalwood liquids would benefit you if  you feel just a little to overly anxious at times. We also went another route. We carry a caffeine and b-12 blend for when you do need to be a little more alert and ready for your day. Last but not least, a vitamin-c blend was designed to keep your immune system healthy and keep your body in the best possible state it can be in.

Many benefits can be found from essential oils. Stop by any of our three Puff-A-Licious locations to see how they can benefit you today! We look forward to talking with you!

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